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Office of tourism Dettelbach

Dettelbach - Romanticism and wine on the river Main

Situated in the Main valley, very close to the river, Dettelbach presents itself with its medieval town-wall that is still in very good condition with its two large sally gates and many small towers surrounding the historic town centre. The narrow streets and old half-timbered houses invite the visitor for a walk through the Middle-Ages.

The town-hall which was built across the stream Dettel in the perpendicular style is the most striking

sight within the town-centre. A further landmark is the church of the Catholic town parish on an ancient castle hill with its two unequal towers. A few hundred yards east of the historic town-wall you can visit Maria in the Sand a famous church of pilgrimage with a variety of Renaissance and Baroque works of art.

The wine farmers from Dettelbach and its adjoining villages are mainly retailers and market their products on their own. Their decorative estates and snug backyards invite visitors to taste their products. The local restaurants offer delicious specialities from the area and offer marvellous wines from the vineyards that surround Dettelbach. You should definitely try the so-called Muskatzinen, spicy biscuits that were created one hundred years ago.

In the vicinity of Dettelbach you will find the Mainfrankenpark with its various tourist attractions. Let this picturesque place enchant you and enjoy the local hospitality, the romantic flair of Dettelbach and its great wines!

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